Our Human Resources Policies

To be a member of staff of Kalkancı Pres Döküm ve Kalıp A.Ş.

hand in hand and with the aim of moving ahead,

  • Add value for himself/ herself in a company that creates value in line with its vision,
  • Becoming a part of innovative production, and being innovative, technology-follower, and having a field of action allowing to use his/her creativity,
  • Growing up as a global citizen as per the global principles and have the necessary training therefore
  • Having equal opportunities in reaching our targets,
  • Moving our business results up within teamwork and with the pride of being successful together,


  • Hiring: Our hiring process starts with general job applications or the special applications of the candidates for the special positions. The process includes competence-based interview, exams required for the post and reference checks.
  • You may complete the job application for to apply for a job.
  • You may see our available positions at our advertisements at kariyer.net.
  • Performance appraisal: Evaluate employees with competent and target based, quantifiable and just performance appraisal system and direct the career plans in line with such evaluations are the main purpose of the system. To this end, performance appraisals are conducted 2 times a year. And the results obtained therefrom are used for
  • Planning of training plan of the upcoming year,
  • Career planning of the personnel,
  • Establishment of reward and salary policy
  • Increasing Employee Participation – Motivation and Loyalty
  • Ensure establishment and dominance of participative, sharing and transparent culture,
  • Considering and rewarding the suggestions and expectations of our employees with our suggestion system, and
  • Support any activity to enhance employee motivation,

are the main principles of our HR Management.

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