Mold Design and R&D

Triggered by each new order the process starts with R&D studies and mold design works started simultaneously. Each project is considered as a YUDAP study. Mold design and trial productions are started and the serial production is conducted upon approval thereof.

Molding Room

KALKANCI has one of the most rooted molding rooms in Turkey since 1981. Raw material entered as steel material in our stocks are converted into mold with a pretentious production process thanks to our current machine park, technical knowhow and qualified personnel. The company has been continuing to invest in this area continuously.


The first phase of mass production is the main melting. KALKANCI has high melting capacity with 4 main melting furnaces.

Die Casting

We provide services to all our customers between 300 tons to 1350 tons with our 17 die casting machines in our factory with the closed area of 12,000 m² Our machine park is being renewed constantly with our investments in high end technology and automation systems. These systems include 6 axial robots, automatic lubrication, automatic loading, component receiving robotic systems, productivity-quality control monitoring and tracking automation systems.

Trimming Process

Casted parts are trimmed by our 24 trimming presses.


KALKANCI has the ability to fulfill all processing requests with its CNC processing machinery, technical knowhow and qualified personnel.

Thermal Processing

Kalkanci is qualified to conduct T4, T5, T6, T7 thermal processing.

Final Control

KALKANCI has an experienced final control team on the field. All final controls requested as per the specifications required by our customers are conducted in-house.


Also, we have our vibration, blasting and washing plants in our integrated facility.

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